DIY: Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Being a bridesmaid can be hard work! When it comes to the actual wedding day, a bridesmaid can be in 10 places at once. Whether it is being there for the bride, helping out her fellow bridesmaids, and keeping it all together, there are plenty of things that can make things just feel a little better. Have a stray hair that needs to be put back into place? Feeling hungry right before the ceremony? Not feeling too well? We got you covered with all the essentials for a bridesmaid to have in her very own diy survival kit. There are tons of variations to this and you can add or change based on what you think you will need. This is also a great idea for a bride to gift to her bridesmaids!
Pin Pack
We’ve got you babe, with our pin packs! They come with every dress that you purchase with us and include safety pins, bobby pins, and fashion tape for any last minute fashion disasters.
A sudden urge of hunger may creep up on you while you are getting prepared for the wedding ceremony, so having your favorite snack in your survival kit is key. We love granola bars, cracker, and trail mix. 
K Beauty Lip Balm
Every bridesmaid needs some lip balm, especially when they come in fun colors like pink, orange, and blue! Check out our curated selection of lip balms for purchase here.
After snacking, you may need a breath mint! It happens to the best of us! A small pack that you can share with the entire bridal party makes you life saver. 
Pain Reliever
Having cramps, a headache, or any other physical issue can really put you in a not so celebratory mood. Make sure to have pain reliever in your kit for you or anyone else that may need it. 
Having bottles of water for the party to stay hydrated throughout the day is super important, so make sure to have these handy. 
Sticky Bra
The worst thing is when you don’t have the proper undergarments to wear with your bridesmaid dress. Well look no further with our sticky bras offered to avoid any malfunctions. 
You will be happy when you find floss in your survival kit after seeing spinach from that salad you had for lunch or pieces from your emergency snack stuck in your teeth. 
Tweezers are already a necessity for any girl so why not just throw it in your survival kit?
Something Fun 
Although it may be stressful, make sure to remember that this is a wedding! It’s a happy time so if you are gifting this kit to your bridesmaids or want your fellow maids to enjoy themselves, make sure to add a fun item! We love party poppers or gifting your maids with jewelry to wear during the big day.