Creative Wedding Cake Ideas

If you couldn't tell, we love a good sweet treat. So when it comes to wedding cakes, we know a thing or two about a great tasting and a great looking cake! There are tons of wedding cake trends out there and we have rounded out some of our faves for those daring brides to be!  

Drip Cake
The drip cake is probably the biggest wedding cake trend of them all at the moment. This design replicates frosting, chocolate, and any other sweet glaze as dripping down on a cake. Mouthwatering, no? The drip can work with any themed wedding with almost any other toppings so be as creative as you want!
Perfect for those creative minded brides who love a more unique design, watercolor is the way to go. You can create an ombré effect or an abstract pattern with watercolor and make it into a true work of art! 
Different Shapes
Steer clear of your traditional circle and square shaped cakes, and go for varying ones for a unique touch. Go with a 6 sided hexagon shape or have multiple shapes throughout the whole cake for an even more creative look! 
For those modern brides, go for geometric designs on your wedding cake. You can use this for the entire design of your cake or add a romantic and traditional touch with flowers. 

Love crystals? Add them to your wedding cake! This is a great choice for an enchanting boho wedding or outdoor themed wedding. There are tons of variations when it comes to a geode cake whether it is a or something more simple like this one made by A Squad Bake Shop that features pieces throughout the cake for a chic design.