Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

For the big day, makeup can be quite stressful. You don't want to take all the attention away from the beautiful bride, but you also want to good standing by her. We've rounded out the top makeup looks that can never go wrong for a wedding. These ideas are also perfect for guests! 
Striking Cat Eye
Everyone loves a good cat eye. You can truly make this liner look as dramatic as you want without it overshadowing the bride. There are also tons of ways to make this compliment the shape of your eye: thicker liner for hooded eyes, short wings for downturned eyes, and elongated tails for round eyes. Try more tips and tricks for every eye shape here
All About the Lashes
Make your eyes pop with fake eyelashes and/or or a voluminous mascara so that the focus is on your lashes. Stick with natural eye makeup when it comes to shadows and glitters. Go with neutral colors and/or an inner corner highlight. 
Rosy Lip 
A deeper tone on the lips is striking but not too heavy if you opt for a mauve, deeper nude, or rosey shade. This will be the pop of color so make the rest of your makeup more muted. Another tip is adding the excess color from your lips to your cheeks for a subtle monochromatic look. 

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Subtle Smokey Eye
You can definitely have fun with your eye makeup during a wedding, but keep things to a minimal with colors. The classic smokey eye is a safe choice but using lighter shades including browns and/or pinks is the way to go as a bridesmaid. You can finish the lids off with some pretty shimmer. 

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