Any former bridesmaid can confirm that dress dye lots can be a major topic of conversation. Some brides in favor of a more consistent look want exact color matching, while others who prefer a mix and match will completely overlook it. Either way, dye lots should at least be taken into consideration when ordering bridesmaid dresses, and BRIDES’ is sharing some tips from the experts… including our founder Grace!

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To give some background for those who don’t know, differing dye lots can cause color variance between fabrics. When identical bridesmaid dresses are in question, this is very important as nobody wants to be the odd-one-out. Grace weighed in with her firsthand experience with creating our dress dye lots. 

It’s so important to us that our product is consistent in color and quality, which means we know that the slightest natural differences can cause variance in our bridesmaid dresses.

To ensure we put out the best possible product for our bridal parties, quality control has to be on point.

Keep in mind that regardless of dye lot, there can be color variance between different types of fabric. And, the level of difference can depend on the specific shade as well.

But, most current bridal parties are favoring the mix and match trend over traditional bridesmaids.

Our bridal parties most often order over different periods of time, without any dye lot issues. But the best way to be sure is to have your bridesmaids order around the same time and order gowns within same fabric. BTW, if you do a mix of fabrics, that doesn’t mean it will look bad or mismatched-- the slight color difference can actually add dimension and visual interest to the lineup. It’s just a matter of preference and what you envision for your bride squad. Read the full article on BRIDES’ at this link!

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