Bridal Jewelry 101

Ok brides... let's talk wedding day jewelry. Between different dress necklines, deciding what will look best in photos, and finding your personal style in all of this, wedding jewelry can pose some hard choices. Remember, this is your day to shine, so let your jewels reflect that! Here are our thoughts on choosing stunning bridal jewelry for your unique special day.


Left: Addictive Kaos, Right: Amy O Bridal

For necklaces, take cues from your dress neckline... If you have a low neckline or deep v neck dress, a lariat will help complete your open chested look. If you’d prefer to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with a couple classic, dainty strands. And if you have a higher neckline, it’s totally fine to go without a necklace, and maybe opt for some larger earrings-- more on that later.

Back Necklaces

Amy O Bridal

If you’re wearing a backless wedding gown, try something different and unexpected! Back necklaces are currently one of the hottest bridal accessories, thanks to the growing backless dress trend. 


Left: All About Romance, Right: Untamed Petals

Choose earrings based on your dress neckline and/or necklace... For a lower neckline gown, wear an earring to compliment your pretty necklace, ensuring there’s balance and not an overwhelming amount of bling. If you have a higher or halter neckline and have chosen to forego a necklace, choose a fun statement earring that will jazz up your look and pop in photos. 


Left: Luulla, Right: Local Eclectic

You’ll probably be taking close up photos of your hands (hello, new wedding bands!), so feel free to accessorize with some delicate rings.


Left: Logan at Branch and Cole, Right: Etsy

Larger bracelets can sometimes look clunky in wedding photos-- so if you opt for this piece, keep it dainty. And, as always, make sure bracelets stay in balance with your other bling!

Tips for the Bridesmaids

Left: Silk & Honey, Right: Pretty Collected

In general, bridesmaids typically look best in delicate earrings and necklaces, to keep the spotlight on the beautiful bride. But, this is totally up to the bride’s vision for her ladies, so be sure to run things by her before buying your baubles.