BIRDY IN THE PRESS: We're on Popsugar

Popsugar editor (and bride-to-be) Nikita didn’t quite know where to start with her bridesmaids, stuck between following her wedding vision and figuring out how to make every one of her girls happy. She was looking for affordable bridesmaids dresses that wouldn't break the bank, a range of sizes, convertible bridesmaid dress options, and just plain cute bridesmaid dresses that would flatter everyone. Luckily she stumbled upon Birdy Grey, and shared her experience in this article! Here’s how it happened…

So, she reached out to our founders (and longtime besties) Grace and Monica for more insight about our brand and to find out where it all began. They know firsthand that bridesmaid costs can really add up, but when you’re spending less money on the gown, the more fun bachelorette party ideas are in your price range.

To see the full details of their chat, and which of our gowns she spotlighted, check out the full article on Popsugar!