5 Reasons to Love Dusty Blue Bridesmaids

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100

We get it, trends by nature are always changing. But if there’s one wedding trend that we know is here to stay (and look stunning in photos) for years to come, it’s a dusty blue bridesmaid gown. Here are 5 reasons you should say “I do” to the blue!


1. It flatters every skin tone.

If your bridal party is made up of gals with a variety of skin tones, dusty blue bridesmaids dresses are the way to go. There’s no concerns about anyone looking plain or washed out with this cool toned shade.


2. It mixes and matches like a dream.

A dusty blue bridesmaid dress is the key to a unique mix and match. For a complementary cool palette, mix with Sage or Silver. For a contrasting pastel palette, mix with Rose Quartz or Pale Blush. Or for an entirely dusty blue wedding palette, mix a variation of fabrics (more on that below).


3. It fits with any wedding vibe.

Between our three fabrics, there’s a dusty blue dress to fit your wedding vibe. Our dusty blue chiffon is perfect for a classic, airy vibe, dusty blue tulle is perfect for an ethereal, boho vibe, and dusty blue mesh is perfect for a chic, modern vibe.


4. It looks gorgeous in any season.

A dusty blue wedding is gorgeous in any season, so why not choose gowns to complete the look? Whether it’s a bright spring palette or a moody fall palette, dusty blue bridesmaids are perfect anytime of year.


5. Your girls can wear it again-- seriously though.

Some girls, although they might grin and bear it for your big day, don’t favor the pink toned girly shades for everyday wear. Dusty blue has the versatility to work for a variety of occasions. And if your girls wear a dusty blue convertible dress, they’ll even be able to wear it again in a completely different way!