5 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Babes Will Actually Use

With the rising trend of the “bridesmaid proposal” - where you pop the question to your ladies with sweet prezzies - the lines have been a bit blurred as to what’s befitting for bridesmaid gifts on the day of the wedding itself… It’s basically just a little thank you to your babes for sticking with you through all the pre-wedding hoopla and standing by your side on this important day. Here are some bridesmaid gift ideas that your babes will actually use long after your wedding day...

1. Custom Phone Cases

Left: Etsy, Right: Etsy


If you want to gift something your babes can get a ton of use out of, a cute personalized phone case is the way to go! Trust us, this is one your girls will use every single day - like, many times a day.

2. Cosmetic Bags


Left: The Teacher Diva, Right: Etsy

This is a classic choice for bridesmaid gifts, and with good reason! Everyone loves a cute cosmetic bag to hold their daily necessities, or to toss toiletries in for a weekend away. 

3. Matching Jackets

Left: Emma Loves Weddings, Right: Green Wedding Shoes

Ok, we know this one’s on the pricier side… But they make for a totally unforgettable photo op! A chic denim or leather jacket is a wardrobe staple that your bridesmaids will be able to wear for years to come, thinking of your special day each time. 

4. Delicate Jewelry

Left: Etsy, Right: Love Leigh


You can’t go wrong with some simple, minimalist jewelry. What’s great about delicate baubles is your girls can wear them during the wedding without looking too flashy, and long after paired with their own collection of bling.

5. Ring Dish

Left: Etsy, Right: Etsy


Whether it’s a custom dish in likeness of their gown or a simple gilded initial, ring dishes are a sweet bridesmaid gift that your ladies can treasure each time they slip on their favorite jewelry.