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What are the different ways to style the Moni dress?
AUTHOR: Brigette Reichart | DATE: 08/11/2022
There are a few fantastic ways to style our Moni dress.

The first way to wear Moni is to tie a simple bow right at the nape of your neck, creating a halter style bridesmaid dress. That's the easiest style.
Want to create an A-triangle back? Use Moni’s two hidden side loops. To do this, tie the straps in a single knot at the nape of the neck then loop one side of the strap through the left-side loop and the other side through the right-side loop. Then you can tuck the remaining fabric into the back of the dress or tie the straps together in the center back.
Criss-cross the straps over your shoulders to create an X-shaped back.
Or, create a V-shaped back to mirror the deep-V in the front by looping the ties through the hidden loops on either side of the zipper.

Visit the Moni Dress product page to see photo examples.